26 lb 8 oz Chinook caught on Baitrix Bait!

Gord, here are the pix I said I’d send. In one of the pictures you can see the Baitrix strip behind me.

I was trying to lift the fish out of the net, but because of my C.P. and the weight of the fish (26lbs. 8ozs.) I was not able to. I think Baitrix is the best artificial bait for salmon EVER!!!!! I was using your Baitrix and my buddy was using anchovy, everything else was the same. I caught a 19lb. Chinook one day and the 26 lb. 8oz. Chinook another day. He had NO bites! The Baitrix out preformed bait, GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! Thanx Gord.
Dean Schmuland. (2011)

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