5 Springs with Baitrix Midi Strip


Bob McMillan requested that I send you a summary of my recent experiences with the Baitrix (silver with blue stripe) tiny teaser combo. He had just found out about the 25 lb Spring we landed early Tuesday morning at the Oak Bay Flats.

Over the last three weeks, I have been out four times, two at Oak Bay and two at Constance Bk. I have essentially used everything (spoons, squirts, anchovy, etc) but my last 10 hits and five springs to the boat have all been on the same tiny teaser rigged Baitrix Midi strip.  I will really regret the eventual loss to a seal. I have kept three springs at:  25, 12, and 8 lbs.

On an earlier trip to Bamfield in June, various Baitrix rigs worked well, but so did everything else we used on that fabulous week-end.

Ed Beatty
Victoria, B.C.

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