An Important Message for all Boaters

I’ve been hearing about the winter outflow for years and how deadly it can be. I thought the stories and warnings were mostly legend until last weekend.

My friends Jennifer and Amanda and I left town in the fog headed into the sound for some Crabs and Rock fish. By the time we got to China Creek the fog had burned off and the sky was clear and blue, (made me think of Alberta for just a moment) the wind started to build as we traveled down the Alberni Inlet, blowing outward towards open ocean. By the time we got to the Devil’s Kitchen we were traveling at the same speed as the wind, 25mph and it was starting to get quite lumpy. We headed for calm water out of the wind to set our Crab traps and spend the day fishing. Read More

A while back, watching WFN I saw this fellow had an artificial softbait about the size of your artificial minnow. It was not as realistic as the Baitrix line but what was so interesting was how he hooked it and fished with it. Using just a bare 2/0 jig hooked through the side of the bait. He called it “side swimming wacky jig head rigged” (where do they get these names?). He was Bass fishing somewhere in the southern U.S. catching Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass one after another having the time of his life. Made me wish I was there.

Freshwater Shoreline Fishing

Baitrix Minnow RiggedHe was working a shore line with an electric motor and casting into every dock and weed bed he could find, letting the artificial minnow pause a bit to sink then pumping the rod with light jerks to wag the bait causing it to swim in the direction of the head. When it swam too far from the structure he would re-cast. “Wow” Read More

Hey Gord, it’s been a while. The last time we hooked up here in Port I remember us catching Sockeye hand over fist, that was a day to remember. That great fishing lasted well into August but the following Chinook run was beat up pretty bad by the commercial fleet and wasn’t great. In 2011, as you know we had a record sockeye run, but angling was poor due to excess runoff from a record snow load. The fish came in like torpedoes at a depth of only 10 feet and bolted right up the river, not schooling or biting. The escapement was over 800,000 fish, the run in 4 years time will be record book. Our Chinook run however wasn’t bad, D.F.O. held off the commercial boys until after Labor Day weekend and we had about three weeks of good fishing. The Coho run wasn’t bad they were biting in the salt chuck well into September. I over all had the best year I can remember logged over 2000 miles on my new boat, fished dam near every day for three months.

You need to know what I did with those samples you left a couple of summers ago. The clearherring and anchovies rigged Read More

We at Baitrix participate in other Outdoor activities in addition to Fishing.

These activities include Hunting (Big Game & Waterfowl), Flying and Off-Roading. Every now and then we discover a unique high quality Outdoor Product that we have found to be very effective and useful.

Here are links to a some of these neat products.