Comparing Soft Bait Minnows

I recently got wind of a Small Mouth Bass lake here on Vancouver Island that has 8lbs Small Mouth and 10lb Rainbows. Hearing that immediately put me into research mode to verify the legend. Well. It’s true and it’s only an hour’s drive from my farm.  I’m not equipped for fresh water fishing right now as I have to build a small boat. Luckily I still have my electric trolling motor and spare sonar.

Anyways, all this talk of Bass made me think of the Baitrix Soft Bait Minnow and put me back into research mode. Searching out the local sporting goods superstore and local tackle shops, I found lots of minnow baits to choose from. Being naturally competitive I purchased 2 brands that had wild claims of being the best. One claimed fish would hold onto the bait for the longest time. I could see them catching fish but they all looked like Muppet’s to me.

Later that day I wondered down to my pond to practice swimming soft baits. Starting with the Baitrix Minnow rigged on a bare 1/8 oz. jig. I cast it to the island and started pumping the rod tip to wag the bait. It started swimming in the direction of the head with no problems. In about half an hour of playing around I could swim the minnow bait under logs and overhanging trees with ease. If there were fish in my pond I know they would have attacked this thing. When my confidence grew to the point where I could feel comfortable doing this in front of my crew I was satisfied with the Baitrix Minnow and put it away.

Now it was time to try the competition. The first thing I discovered was the texture of the bait, it was much softer. Right away a durability issue comes to my mind.  Fishing it in the same manner as the previous bait was much harder to do, the bait was too soft.  When the bait was wagged it mostly just sat there moving somewhat.  It was impossible to swim it like the Baitrix Minnow. Discouraged, I tried the other big name bait. It too was much softer than the Baitrix brand. It swam a little better than the other bait but was still no comparison to the Baitrix brand. I encourage everyone to practice swimming soft baits before you offer it to the fish.  It’s a real fun way to tantalize those monsters. By the way the Baitrix Soft Bait Minnow is the best Bait I can find, hands down!

Heinz Kubusch with a monster PikeLocal Monster

Legends of the local monsters have haunted prairie anglers since the land was first settled.  Smashing gill nets and steeling whitefish and walleye right off anglers lines. How much of this is true we will never know but here is a picture of a real local monster. This fish was caught and released in a lake just 45 minutes from Edmonton on a Baitrix Minnow drop shot rigged.

The angler extraordinaire is Heinz Kubusch from Edmonton, AB. Heinz is a very good friend, realtor by trade and tackle field tester. He never measured or weighed this fish. All the commotion of him landing this monster attracted the fellow that took this picture.  Heinz said he was looking for a legal Pike to eat, after 4 hours of no fish this giant grabbed his soft bait (now we know why there was no fish around) and after a 30 minute battle on 6lbs line that must have felt like an eternity the fish finally gave up. Heinz was using a Baitrix Minnow and a 4/0 offset worm hook, drop shot rigged with a 10 inch weight leader and a ½ oz. weight.

One other piece of gear used that has not been mentioned was a small electric field generator. It’s a brand new fishing product that creates a faint electrical field around the bait giving the impression of life. Gord, I’ll send you some samples and tell you more about this later.

Tight lines

Rick Crozier

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