David Wei: Baitrix Strip, Whole Herring and Whole Anchovy lures do catch fish

I know herring and anchovy baits work, but I hate all the fuss of buying, freezing, thawing, and brining baits. Setting real bait in teaser heads to roll just right is a real pain, especially if the bait is still a bit too soft. And if I miss a strike, I’ll be towing a round a useless piece mangled bait. Oh yeah…fishy fingers and hands, yuck!

When I saw Baitrix imitation Anchovy and Herring baits for the first time, I was quite amazed at how life-like they looked. And they smelled great (keep them away from licorice lovers). But would they work?

Regular Baitrix lures still need fussing with hook placement and line tension in a teaser head to get the roll right, but the new “tunable” baits, with their bendable metal inserts, are much easier to adjust – they can even be fished without a teaser head. With both kinds of Baitrix imitation baits, once set, maintaining the same roll as you wish is easy – the soft plastic lures are very durable and seldom need replacing after any strike. And Baitrix Strip, Whole Herring and Whole Anchovy lures do catch fish.

Fished head-to-head with real bait, Baitrix products held their own. They were even more effective, because I could get my almost-indestructible Baitrix lure adjusted and back into the water in seconds!

Having a package or two of Baitrix imitation baits in my tackle box means I will always have, and not run out of bait on any fishing trip.

David Wei, Outdoors Writer

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