Gary Pool of Nanaimo, B.C. – July 17, 2010

Hi Gord,

Your new baits should do very well for all of my favorite targets. I am going to try the new strip next & if it works as well as the anchovy there will be a lot more Baitrix product in my secret box.

The fish could not resist your new anchovy with the metal strip inside the body. It is very easy to achieve a perfect roll at almost any speed – no wires from the head or toothpicks in the tails.

The bait was set up on a Rhys Davis UV purple haze head with 60″ leader & matching flasher, trolled at 2.6 to 2.8 mph. This combo worked on 4 fish that day between 90 & 110 feet.The Spring in the photo field dressed at 32 lb.

See you next time “

Thanks, Gary

We at Baitrix participate in other Outdoor activities in addition to Fishing.

These activities include Hunting (Big Game & Waterfowl), Flying and Off-Roading. Every now and then we discover a unique high quality Outdoor Product that we have found to be very effective and useful.

Here are links to a some of these neat products.