Big News, Halibut Opens March 1 2012

I’ll bet there won’t be many sport fishermen out being a weekday. I’m going hell or high water. I know where there are some halies close to town, If I can get to them before the locals do. I’ll have to catch my fish Thursday and Friday before the weekend anglers get out and scooped them.
For most of March Halibut will stick around the sound as long as there is bait. The Herring all but collapsed in the sound due to over fishing. Traditionally the spawning Herring kept the Halibut close to shore and in Barkley Sound. I don’t know if there are enough pilchards and herring to do the job anymore. I sure don’t want to go off shore in my 20 foot open boat this time of year.

Halibut Gear

I have my old favorite secret spots in the Alberni Inlet and my new favorite way to fish them. To fish the tide seams I’m going with the Baitrix Herring quick strike rigged with a sliding 6 or 8 oz. pencil weight and wag this across the bottom setting a hook at any resistance. My target water will be tide seams, flat bottom, 100 to 200 feet deep.
To fish the lateral areas and benches about 100 to 200 feet deep I will use a heavy rod, 50lbs braid, a spreader bar with a 16oz pencil weight and the Baitrix Tunable Herring or Anchovy quick strike rigged. I like a 30 inch 100lbs test mono leader and 7/0 over sized hooks. Keep the point inside the roll to help keep it snagless.
My wife Rachel and I eat a lot of fish and we go through 3 Halibut a year. Large Halibut over 70 lbs. get released in my boat, they are usually wormy and don’t taste that great. These bigger fish are the egg layers and it’s important to let them go. I prefer to take my Halibut around 25 to 40 lbs. Hey Gord, if I find a pocket of Halies in the Sound I’ll save them for you until you’re back in Port Alberni.
Tight lines

Rick Crozier

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