New Down Rigging Techniques for Salmon

For those anglers that have played a large Salmon on light gear without a flasher, Dodger or weight etc… you know the thrill of the battle that can only be experienced fishing this way. The first thing I noticed was the salmon fought differently they were not fighting the flasher or weight they were fighting me. I noticed a lot more surface action, high jumps and tail walks. Definitely great excitement for all. Here’s, how you do it.

When fishing open water use a dummy flasher attached directly to the cannon ball, on about an 8 foot 40 lb test monofilament leader. Eight feet above this clip your 36 to 48 inch release. Now tie on a Baitrix Tunable Quick Strike Rigged or Teaser Head Rigged Anchovy or Herring. Use a swivel in line and let out about 30 feet of line. Check the roll of the bait first then drop it to your desired depth. (A slow roll is best).

Now get your fishing partner to do the same but let out the soft bait 10 feet further back and 10 feet shallower or deeper. If your fishing alone don’t bother with the second rod, you won’t need it.

Do not place the rod in the rod holder! For this technique to work keep the rod in your hand.

Keeping the rod tip at eye level gently tighten the line to create a gentle bend in your rod making sure you have lifted your quick release as high as possible.  Now drop the rod tip to water level… pause a moment then… lift sharply back to eye level. When you drop the rod tip don’t wind up the slack, the bait will pull the release clip flat in line with the cannon ball creating a tumble and flutter in the bait. When you lift the rod the bait darts upward and forward creating a tantalizing stop-go-dart-flutter action. Keep your speed low and don’t pump your rod continuously pause for 2 to 5 minutes then pump the rod a few times then pause again, the strike can come at any time set the hook and hold on.

This technique works so good at times you can actually time the strike. When boats are clustered around you just drag your bait through the maze, when you’re in the clear pump the rod, any salmon following your bait will suddenly be enticed to strike. Now you have a big salmon directly on your line no weight, flasher, dodger, spinner or gang troll, just the salmon.

 Most game fish

I can see this technique working in the Great Lakes for salmon and Lake Trout anywhere as well.

Try this technique with different attractors down south for Stripped Bass and King Mackerel (use a wire leader) or in the tropics for Yellow Fin Tuna, Cobia etc…

Tight Lines

Rick Crozier

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