Perfect Catch

I rig them up pretty plain, not such an expense when you have guys jigging the bottom. We drift jig around the rocks and sand flats, so a lot of gear can be lost.  Guys kind of look at me funny when I rig them up with the Baitrix glow herring, but as soon as something wonderful grabs hold, they sure change their minds.  The natural Anchovy have worked phenomenal on the Chinook and Coho as well. And the rockfish love it all.

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Northern Dream Charters

Prince Rupert, B.C

We at Baitrix participate in other Outdoor activities in addition to Fishing.

These activities include Hunting (Big Game & Waterfowl), Flying and Off-Roading. Every now and then we discover a unique high quality Outdoor Product that we have found to be very effective and useful.

Here are links to a some of these neat products.