Report from Adventures North

Steve MacInnis, accomplished Angler and Host/Executive Producer of ADVENTURES NORTH TV series sent us the following report. The report attests the effectiveness of the Baitrix/Rhys Davis Teaser System for
catching the giant fish of Canada’s north.

Subject: Summary – Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Hi Gord,

Further to my conversation with Tom on Monday regarding the effectiveness of the Anchovie Teaser setup. I traveled to Kuujjuaq, Quebec and spent 3 days on the water there – fishing in the Kuujjuaq River , which is really a large estuary) which flows into the south basin of Ungava Bay. Primary sportfish in this stretch of the river are Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char and Searun Brook Trout. We targeted Atlantic Salmon. Basically we trolled with a about a 4 foot snell betweena 1/2 oz beaded line weight and the anchovie teaser, and we did cast the rig when applicable. With over 40 foot tides there is tremendous tidal flow, whirlpools and currents throughout the estuary. Anywhere there were visible current lines, especially where those lines were formed by submerged structures, points and shorelines we found fish. As I started letting out my line on my very first drop, I hooked my first fish – before letting out as far as I would normally. This brought back memories of the first time I offered ‘herring’ to the Lake Trout in Great Slave Lake – they responded immediately. The 15 or so Atlantic Salmon I personally caught here ranged between 8 and 15 pounds. Judging from the way they hit and how well hooked they were, these fish really wanted the Baitrix Anchovy.

We tried different trolling speeds, and like Lake Trout slow or fast
trolling worked equally well. We caught fish trolling with and against the current, although with the current seemed to be more effective.

Others with us trolled a variety of spoons and did catch fish, but I can confirm the anchovies were the most effective among the lures used during the trip. I did get decent footage of the rig action, rig in the mouth of the ones caught and some other related action shots of the lures in use. So my initial report on Atlantic Salmon is the same as it was for Lake Trout back in the 1980′s – this rig is extremely effective!…and my lure of choice for this specie in this situation.

Having said that casting or trolling flies is also effective and may be the method of choice for other applications such as when the Salmon are in shallow freshwater further upstream and later in the season. Some Salmon were caught on streamer flies pulled along the surface just behind the boat. It would be difficult to apply the technique in fast shallow water. More experimentation is needed – maybe it or the smaller trout lures would work in the shallow situation as well. One comment I got from an Inuit man was ‘are they available in bigger sizes?’ My own view on this – although not tried yet and purely speculative – is that the larger profile herring would command as much attention from these
Salmon – but the hookup percentage would be lower. I did not have to replace a single anchovie due to being destroyed by a Salmon – the last one I had on must have caught 8-10 fish – and it is still in great shape and usable. So I taught those northern Atlantic Salmon how to bite your new lures and showed the system off to those who were there with me. Now to try for Arctic Char and northern Lake Trout and?…will need some more Rhys Davis teaser heads and more Baitrix artificials

Best regards,

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