Fishing for migrant Chinook usually gets started in early June and continues into late September.

Chinook top the list because they’re the largest Pacific salmon and can be found all year round. Chinook and Coho hunt smaller forage fish making Anchovy a preferred bait.

The most common baits for fishing are Anchovy. Other common bait fish are Herring and Needlefish. Use Baitrix Anchovy, Baitrix Herring and Baitrix Needlefish. The natural details ensure they appear life like.

For best results use a Baitrix Anchovy in a Rhys Davis Anchovy Special or similar bait holder. See Rigging Page for detail

These scented Baitrix baits are also very effective for Mooching and Jigging applications. Rig as you would a natural.

*Additional color should be applied directly to the bait… not the bait-holder.See Custom Color Page

We at Baitrix participate in other Outdoor activities in addition to Fishing.

These activities include Hunting (Big Game & Waterfowl), Flying and Off-Roading. Every now and then we discover a unique high quality Outdoor Product that we have found to be very effective and useful.

Here are links to a some of these neat products.