Walleye Fishing

For anglers that live in Walleye country, spring time is Walleye time! Check your local regulations on Walleye openings in your area. The dates will correspond with the post spawn period. The further north you live or will be fishing the later openings (ice out in the Territories is late May or June; Walleye post spawn will be 1 – 2 weeks later).

After spawning, Walleye will work their way to the nearest richest feeding areas to put on the feed bag. These areas are creek and river mouths, shallow bays, reefs, points and Lake Narrows.  In rivers the best area is just upstream of a riffle or rapids. Here the walleye sit very shallow sometimes by the dozens in the fast current just upstream of the first riffle waiting to ambush any unsuspecting bait-fish swimming by. My second choice would be any calm water on a river. Back eddies anywhere on the river should hold walleye. Creek mouths and inside bends are always worth a look.

This time of year walleye are not fussy and your bait or lure choice is not as important as your technique. Traditionally across Canada and the U.S.A the favorite walleye lure has always been the Lead Head Jig dressed in buck tail or curly tail soft bait. They are very effective and are fun to fish requiring some skill to properly fish the lure. The technique is simple, just cast it out, let it sink then start a slow reel, jig, reel, jig and retrieve. The walleye strike is felt as a sharp jolt anywhere in the retrieve, set the hook immediately. The only downside to this technique is snags, be ready to loose tackle. Walleye love to hangout in the stickiest areas of lakes and rivers and if you’re going to maximize your catch you have to chase them there.

 Best Walleye Bait

If I were to revisit my old walleye haunts today I think I would choose my lure a little more carefully. I would still choose a jig but with a fine wire hook. This allows the hook to straighten with 10 lb monofilament line and free the jig from the bottom. Needle nose pliers are required to re-shape the hook. Secondly I would use the Baitrix Minnow rigged weed-less on the jig.

This allows me to fish snaggy areas I wouldn’t dare cast to normally. These minnows are so durable they will last all day, fish after fish. To enhance the walleye fish-ability of the Baitrix Minnow, the night before fishing take a yellow permanent marker and paint the entire minnow in yellow, then take an orange permanent marker and lightly paint the tail and fins orange. Now you’re representing a multitude of walleye food including chubs and suckers. Rig the minnow flat or on a slight angle on the jig, don’t try to rig it upright it’s easier and more appealing to imitate a wounded bait fish than a healthy one.

Tight lines

Rick Crozier

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