About Baitrix

Baitrix Fishing Products Ltd. is a small Canadian Company with a single mission. Our goal is to provide Anglers with the most realistic and effective artificial baitfish ever created.

With the use of proprietary materials and unique soft-bait production techniques our exclusive whole baitfish and cut-bait designs continue to find favor with both Freshwater and Saltwater anglers. They are proving to be very effective on an increasingly wider variety of Game Fish species around the globe.

The use of artificial baitfish is a subject of many opinions. The main question being “is an artificial baitfish as effective as a natural baitfish ? ” The simple answer is twofold .. Yes and No. Each have their time and place.

Obviously, an artificial bait is more durable and affords much less waste than a natural. Artificials are also easier to keep and are reusable therefore being even more cost-effective. In addition, each individual bait can be designed with a variety of fish-catching colors and action configurations, thus making them very versatile. A Baitrix artificial baitfish has the appearance of a natural, and in many cases, with the addition of a Tunable insert , Ultra Violet pigments, Glow additives, Scents and other properties, is far superior to natural bait in various water and fishing conditions. These added features are almost impossible to obtain with the natural variety.

Last , but not least , is availability. Increasingly we are seeing product shortages and numerous Goverment restrictions applied to natural baits … especially baitfish products . To our knowledge there are no restrictions regarding the use of artificial bait products (although there are some restrictions in a very few regions in the U.S. regarding scented artificials). Overall, artificial soft-baits will continue to be readily available in the marketplace.
However , the debate continues . Up until quite recently, it was unheard of to even consider artificial baitfish as being as good as, or better than, a natural baitfish. Times are changing. We invite you to try our Baitrix soft-bait products and make your own observations and conclusions. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime we will continue our efforts to provide you with the latest and finest artificials possible.

Thanks for visiting us and ¬†Keep’em wet,

Gord McKay


We at Baitrix participate in other Outdoor activities in addition to Fishing.

These activities include Hunting (Big Game & Waterfowl), Flying and Off-Roading. Every now and then we discover a unique high quality Outdoor Product that we have found to be very effective and useful.

Here are links to a some of these neat products.